Letter from the Editors ’21


Siena R. '24 and Finn D. '24, Co-Editors in Chief

Dear Readers,

It is with great pleasure that we release the first issue of The 1600. After countless hours of work to create the best publication possible, we are incredibly proud of what we have produced and hope you can appreciate it as well.

The paper’s name, The 1600, was one of many names we brainstormed back in early September when we first founded the newspaper. It originated from Marin Academy’s address, 1600 Mission Ave, and was the name most voted for by the general student body.

Over our time working on the paper over the last few months, we’ve faced an uphill battle to create a publication from scratch, but it couldn’t be more rewarding. We started by finding support from faculty advisors who guided us as we initially founded the publication. We next moved on to found the publication (with approval from Lynne) and opened applications to ambitious students seeking to be staff. Once we had a full staff, we dived into assignments, working hard to create content that everyone in the MA community could enjoy. Although our publication has a long way to go, we’re happy to even have gotten this far.

Additionally, we would like to acknowledge that our current website (google sites) is a temporary platform for the newspaper’s issues. Currently, our graphic designers and web development team are working on a more robust and professional website. In the future, we’d like to have a wider variety of articles and plan to include an athletics section but because we are just starting and continue to seek additional writers, the articles offered in December’s publication are a more limited offering.

Lastly, we would like to thank our amazing and supportive faculty advisors: Bijani and Ana. They have been incredibly understanding and helpful throughout this process of creating the groundwork for our publication and first issue. Their skillful guidance is very much appreciated. We’d also like to thank our amazing staff who have put in a significant amount of effort to create and assemble The 1600’s first issue. To all who have helped and been supportive, we thank you and hope to work with you again!

We hope everyone can enjoy reading The 1600 and hearing the student voice!


Siena R. 24’ and Finn D. 24’