From Crepes to Tenders: 7 Excellent Restaurants Near MA

Kate L. '24, Writer, Community and Athletics

With multiple highly rated restaurants located just a short walk away from Marin Academy, it’s clear MA students have a lot of choices when it comes to eating off-campus. To narrow down the options, we interviewed some MA students about their go-to restaurants and items on the menu. Here are the favorites:

Johnny Doughnuts (5 minute walk)

If you’re looking for a way to start your day off on a positive note, swinging by Johnny Doughnuts might do the trick. When they’re looking for a snack during their Friday free blocks, Noa F. ‘24 and her friends often choose Johnny Doughnuts. According to Johnny Doughnuts’ website, their legendary doughnuts are “wholesome, handcrafted, [and] made with love.” While they offer classic doughnut flavors like chocolate, they also offer rotating seasonal flavors and unique options such as lime poppy seed. Additionally, they serve Equator coffee and a selection of teas.

Café del Soul (6 minute walk)

A mere six minute walk from campus, it is obvious why Café del Soul is so well-liked amongst Marin Academy students. The restaurant features great vibes and even better food. Café del Soul is Alex H. ‘24’s favorite local restaurant, because she enjoys “the vibes, ambiance, and location.” In particular, she recommends the Kindness Bowl with chicken off the kid’s menu, and the Yogi Tea.

Tenders Tenders (8 minute walk)

Tenders Tenders is another nearby restaurant serving some of the best chicken tenders around. When you order, you have the choice between crispy and crunchy tenders. Greta B. ‘24 recommends you try the crunchy because “they are just superior,” while Devon G. ‘24 and Zac R. ‘24 prefer the crispy, because they do not have seeds. Another beloved aspect of Tenders Tenders is the ambiance. Sam K. ‘23 enjoys the fact that it is a small restaurant, where you can sit with people you might not know as well. However, since this restaurant is so popular, it is often very crowded during lunch. The safest way to be sure your food comes quickly is to order online ahead of time.

Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria (8 minute walk)

For the last 34 years, Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria has been serving guests traditional New England-inspired pizza with Italian roots. They are most famous for their “crisp, airy, and slightly chewy” crusts that are baked in a brick oven to create an authentic Italian taste. Also known for their colorful salads and mouth-watering pastas, Amici’s is a favorite for students of all grade levels. Noa F. ‘24 says, “Amici’s has been my family’s favorite pizza place ever since we were little.”

Left, Hayden W. ‘25, center Juliet R. ‘24, & right Luka E-O ‘24 pose in front of Tenders Tenders.
Crepevine (9 minute walk)

Crepevine is one of the most popular restaurants among many MA students, and offers a wide range of food and drink options. While they specialize in crepes, they let you choose from a long menu, which includes drinks, pancakes, and various lunch and dinner options. “They have good food and chai lattes,” according to Greta B. ‘24. The sweet crepes, served with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream, are also popular among MA students. Students often swing by during morning free blocks and lunch to pick up crepes like the Siena sweet crepe, which is filled with nutella, chocolate sauce, strawberries, and nuts.

Aroma Cafe (10 minute walk)

Aroma has arguably earned its spot as the most well-liked cafe near MA. Since it is a laid-back environment, it is easy to grab a bite to eat and simultaneously get some homework done. According to Sam K. ‘23, “They have incredibly good coffee cake, and an amazing atmosphere.” Julia S. ‘22 agrees, noting that one excellent choice on the menu is the caprese sandwich.

Arizmendi Bakery (11 minute walk)

A worker-owned bakery, Arizmendi prides itself on using high-quality ingredients in their freshly baked pastries, pizza, sandwiches, and more. Lucy S. ‘24 loves Arizmendi because “the vibes are so cute, the bread is amazing, [and] it’s all sustainably produced.” Rex R. ‘25 agrees, but he also notes, “It takes slightly longer than other restaurants,” so it may be a better choice for free blocks or on the days we have tutorial before lunch.