Art and Spirituality Meet in This Local Gallery-Boutique


Anaya E. '26

The Eleventh House, only a 10 minute drive from MA, features art and metaphysical goods from local female artisans. Before you even walk in, the storefront features ornate decorations and a sign displaying the store’s name between a pair of golden wings. All of the walls and ceiling are painted with intricate, bold black and white designs. There are wooden tables covered in a variety of crystals, each with placards explaining their significance and origin, and symbolism. Racks of rainbow clothing line the wall, everything from recycled saris, to hats claiming to be a blessing on your head. Golden jewelry, small statues, shelves of oracle decks, and seemingly endless amounts of other esoteric goods fill the small but vibrant space. There’s a brightly-lit nook dedicated to tarot cards and a loft for private spiritual rituals. In the heart of downtown Fairfax, The Eleventh House is surrounded by cozy cafes, bustling restaurants, clothing stores, and a variety of other hidden gems.

The boutique is about five years old and was founded by a woman named Lili Shuster, a self-described “healer, mother, yogi, and all-around loving spirit.” She strives to create a space for both expression and connection, and stocks the store with wares made mostly by female creatives from Northern California. One such artist is Isabel Hayes, who is currently based in San Anselmo. Her original oil and acrylic paintings line every wall in the store. Each piece of art is unique, almost psychedelic with their bright colors and layered composition—said to be influenced by the artist’s upbringing in Spain, Guatemala, and Los Angeles. All of her pieces displayed in The Eleventh House are inspired by different tarot cards’ motifs, messages, and meanings. The deck version of this series, Odyssey of H’arts, is set to be released by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. in the coming months. The boutique itself, including custom metal banisters for the loft, was designed by an artist who has featured over twenty times in the Burning Man festival—an infamous annual event which features art and music. 

The store also hosts a variety of events: art expositions, tarot readings, pop-ups, group meditation, full moon rituals, and energetic healings. All of their goods and experiences are inspired by the teachings of Wicca, folk magic, paganism, New Age spirituality, and other metaphysical practices. These practices are all centered around connection to the Earth and individual meditation—instead of worshiping a single god. Once shunned by western society, these religions are now gaining popularity as more people examine their internal beliefs and forge their own unique paths. One thing that everyone should keep in mind, regardless of spiritual alignment, is the importance of finding hope within differences. The Eleventh House is a place for the art of people and nature to come together in a beautiful expression of community, passion, and exploration.

Visit The Eleventh House at 7 Bolinas Road, Fairfax / @theeleventh_house on Instagram